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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?


Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) are exclusively built to tackle the challenges of off-road driving conditions besides delivering on superb on-road performance. In this regard, these vehicles require specialist tyres that can effectively support their robust performance. 4X4 tyres are manufactured with exclusively designed tread compounds and patterns to offer efficient grip and stability, on and off-road.

At Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes, we stock an exclusive collection of 4X4 tyres Milton Keynes from iconic premium, mid-range and budget manufacturers that can help to maintain an optimised driving experience.

You can visit our garage to buy these tyres and get them fitted on your vehicle. You can also buy tyres from us online and opt for our mobile tyre-fitting services.

    Why opt for 4x4 tyres?

    Since 4X4 tyres are exclusively designed to offer efficient off-road and on-road driving comfort, the construction is widely different from regular passenger car tyres. Before you proceed to buy 4x4 tyres Milton Keynes, learn about some of their essential features so that you can make an informed decision and choose the most appropriate 4x4 tyres for your SUV.

  • 4X4 tyres are built with silica-enriched rubber and have a robust construction to manage massive loads on rough terrains effectively. Also, these rubber compounds are optimised for comfortable and efficient on-road driving experience. 
  • The tread design of 4X4 tyres is aggressive and characterised with increased depth and wider gaps so that they can offer an enhanced grip on muddy and rocky terrains.
  • Further, 4X4 tyres Milton Keynes feature reinforced sidewalls that optimise traction, braking and handling performance.
  • Types of SUV tyres that we sell

  • All-terrain: These 4x4 tyres Milton Keynes offer the perfect balance of 50% on-road and 50% off-road performance.
  • Highway-terrain: H/T tyres are tailored to optimise handling and traction and enhance your SUV’s on-road performance.
  • Mud-terrain: If you are willing to take your off-roading adventures up a notch, invest in a set of these M/T 4x4 tyres.
  • Popular 4X4 tyres in our garage

    Listed below are two of the most recommended 4X4 tyres available in our facility.

    Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 – This 4X4 unit from Dunlop is customised with the innovative VersaLoad Technology that helps to provide improved stability and handling in tough road conditions. Further, the aggressive tread design offers smooth traction, on and off-road. You can also enjoy improved wet grip with the circumferential tread grooves that efficiently expel water from the tyres’ surface.

    ContiPremiumContact 5 SUV- This SUV tyre from Continental AG offers improved cornering precision with its asymmetrical tread design. The grooves of this unit are optimised to offer efficient wet road handling by enhancing aquaplaning resistance. The pattern and structure of the tread design are exclusively tailored to offer utmost control while driving at high speeds.

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