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If you stay in or around Milton Keynes and are looking for a quality ‘MOT checker near me’, visit us - Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes

We are DVSA-recognised MOT testers.

Ranger Tyres possesses the trained personnel and the latest know-how, which helps us check MOT history of your car and arrange for repairs and replacements wherever required.

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We are authorised to conduct MOT Milton Keynes for all Class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles. All cars with up to 8 passenger seats, dual-purpose vehicles, etc. fall under Class 4. On the other hand, Class 5 includes private passenger vehicles and ambulances with up to 16 seats and Class 7 includes all goods vehicles with design gross weight between 3,000 kg to 3,500 kg.

What is checked during an MOT?

In 1960, the then-Ministry of Transport of the United Kingdom introduced a test that would apply to all cars above 3 years of age. This test was designed primarily to gauge a vehicle’s roadworthiness and safety standards as more people started purchasing automobiles.

We conduct affordable MOT test Milton Keynes. Listed below are some of the crucial inspections carried out at our facility.

  • Exhausts and emissions: With the renewed emphasis on cutting down on emissions and slow down Global Warming, this is a crucial check. We use state-of-the-art detectors, mostly hand-held, which can measure the levels of noxious gases in your car’s exhaust smoke.

Too much concentration of Oxides of Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur may cause an MOT failure, and you will receive a VT-30 certificate. To avoid such mishaps, you can opt for pre-MOT check-ups before the test.

  • Seat belts and restraining systems: Acing an MOT Milton Keynes is simple if your car’s seatbelts, child restraining and peripheral systems are in good shape. For example, the seatbelts should retain their elasticity.
  • Steering system check: It is an essential part of any MOT check Milton Keynes. Regardless of whether your car has hydraulic or power steering, it should work perfectly. The steering wheel and column must be free from cracks and dents. Also, the steering wheel fluid levels must be topped up.
  • Lights: MOT check Milton Keynes also inspects the light fitments - both inside and outside your car.

Also, if your car has fog lights or DRLs, they must work properly even when the engine is turned off and the battery kicks in.

  • Battery and wiring: Your car has several electrical wires running throughout its length and breadth. These should be in proper working order. Plus, your car’s battery must charge and discharge properly. There should not be any bloating of its case.

Keep in mind that bloated cases are a sign of a failing battery. It will certainly result in an MOT test Milton Keynes failure.

  • Brakes: Your car’s braking system will be thoroughly tested during MOT Milton Keynes. The braking system is an exceptionally complicated one, and several things can go wrong. Plus, if your car has ABS and other assisting technologies, they will have to be in proper condition too.

That is why we recommend you contact us for a pre-test check-up. We will first check MOT history and solve any lingering brake issue which may have been flagged earlier.

  • Body: Your vehicle’s body must be free from rust, dents, scratches and other damages. If you are planning to repaint your car, we suggest you choose only manufacturer-recommended OE-grade paints.

MOT pass, fail and retest

If your car aces the test, you will receive a VT20 certificate, while failure will get you a VT30 certificate. The VT30 “fail” certificate details all the problem areas identified as “dangerous’ or “major”. You must get all faults repaired and the vehicle must be partially re-tested afterwards. Your vehicle can still pass with a “minor” fault. You will receive a so-called advisory note to inform you of what needs doing in the near future,

In case you end up with a VT30 certificate, opt for post-MOT repairs so that your vehicle gets through the re-test easily.

Do you have any query about this mandatory MOT Milton Keynes? Please get in touch with us as soon as you can.

Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes will be glad to help.

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