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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?


Punctured tyres are one of the major reasons behind car accidents on UK roads. While there are several DIY-friendly kits on sale that promise 100% accurate repairs, they are not at all reliable because of the lack of standardisation.

Regardless of a slow leak or a sudden deflation of tyres, you must always seek professional help and advice.

You are welcome to visit our facility - Ranger Tyres Ltd. - for safe and affordable car puncture repair Milton Keynes.

Note that there are several rules that govern such repairs. These are laid down by the British Standards or BS AU 159. We follow all these protocols stringently, thereby making us a reliable puncture repairing garage Milton Keynes.

Are all puncture repairs safe?

As a responsible facility, we must clarify that unless the rules set down by BS AU 159 are followed, even professional repairs may be unsafe to an extent.

Ranger Tyres Ltd has the latest technologies, materials and trained personnel who can carry out outstanding car puncture repair Milton Keynes.

Here are some standards we abide by:

  • The central 3/4th of any car tyre suffers most punctures as the tread designs ensure this portion touches the road at all times. If there is a leak in this area, it’s called a ‘minor repair area.’ We will repair any damage sustained by this part.
  • However, we will not carry out any repair to punctures outside this central area since the damage may extend to the sidewalls, thereby weakening the carcass. Plus, the existing rules also dictate that these areas should not be fixed.

As a facility which follows all legal norms, Ranger Tyres Ltd. also does not carry out car puncture repair Milton Keynes if the diameter of the damaged area is over 6 mm. Such massive damage also destroys the inner cord layers and further weakens the tyre.

  • Lastly, for your complete safety, our facility does not practise ‘string’ repairs of leaks. Simply put, it is a poor patch-up work on the exterior of a tyre, and it will leave behind the damage sustained within the rubber carcass unattended.

Non-repairable punctures

For your on-road safety, we follow the latest and updated BS AU 159 standards and do not repair leaks or damages if:

  • The tread depth of the tyre is below 1.6mm.
  • When there are deep cuts, splits and damage to the rubber.
  • The tyre has been “repaired” with a DIY kit.
  • Whenever noticeable sidewall damage is present.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot repair Run-flat tyres, as once damaged, they change their structure.

In all these instances, Ranger Tyres Ltd recommends you replace the damaged tyre.

Our facility also retails a wide range of tyres; you may safely stop your search for ‘tyres near me’ and see what we have to offer!

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