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We, Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes, being a responsible car service garage, believe in informing our customers, for example about the importance of EU tyre labelling.

All tyres sold in the United Kingdom must be properly labelled. The practice was initiated by the European Union in the year 2012 to make car owners aware of aspects of tyre safety. The regulation involved labelling tyres with respect to their performance in three respective areas which are wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise emission.

Understanding EU tyre labelling

The EU tyre label deals with the following three performance aspects:

Fuel efficiency

The rolling resistance of a tyre determines fuel efficiency. A tyre with lower rolling resistance will always offer better fuel economy. In fact, tyres account for 20% of the overall fuel consumption, and hence, must be chosen judiciously.

In the EU tyre label, the fuel efficiency of tyres is rated within a range of A to G and is essentially colour coded as Green or Red. If a tyre has a label A with green colour, it indicates that the unit is highly fuel-efficient. On the other hand, a G-rated label with red colour reflects low fuel efficiency.

Noise emission

Noise efficiency of a tyre is an extremely crucial factor for the environment as well as to ensure a comfortable driving experience. Tyres are rated with 3 sound wave bars as explained below.

  • 1 wave bar: This reflects that the noise emission of a particular unit is below 3dB and hence is extremely noise efficient.
  • 2 wave bars: Reflects that the tyre moderately meets the noise emission standard as regularised by the EU.
  • 3 wave bars: Indicates noisy tyres that do not meet the set standards.

Wet grip

Wet grip of a tyre is an extremely important safety standard. If a unit does not provide an optimal wet grip performance, it highly increases the chance of skidding and increases the risk of accidents.

Under EU regulation, the wet grip performance of a tyre is estimated within a range of A to G. The difference in stopping distance between each range is 2.5 meters.

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