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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

The correct tyre pressure plays a considerable part in maximising driving safety as well as enhancing the performance of your vehicle.

Therefore, Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes offers free tyre pressure check Milton Keynes. You don’t even need to book any appointment for this.

So, you can stop searching for “tyre pressure check near me”, and head over to our facility.


Causes of incorrect tyre pressure

All car tyres lose some pressure over the course of time. This loss typically amounts to 1-3 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) in a month, which may not seem very much. However, this minute loss often gets combined with several other factors, which turns this innocuous air leak into a major cause of concern.

The following issues can often accelerate tyre pressure loss:

  • An accidental tyre puncture
  • The drop of ambient temperature during winters
  • Defective TPMS valve
  • Damage in the tyre rims (scratches, bends, cracks or rust)
  • Dirt at the contact point of the flange of tyre rim and tyre bead
  • Micro cracks in the inner layer of the tyre

The importance of tyre pressure

Accurate tyre pressure enhances the performance of your car in the following ways:

  • Increases longevity

  • Both over and under-inflated tyres distort the optimum tyre-to-road contact and make the unit susceptible to damage, impact and abrasions. Therefore, correct tyre pressure eliminates these hindrances, thereby increasing the unit’s service life.

  • Improves handling

  • The ideal tyre pressure improves your vehicle’s grip, steering and braking abilities. In fact, under-inflated tyres increase stopping distances by as much as 8 meters for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in regular weather conditions.

  • Optimises fuel economy

  • Improper tyre pressure puts additional stress on your car’s engine. As a result, it requires more fuel to sustain its operations and keep the vehicle moving. This has an adverse effect on the fuel economy of your car. Further, tyres that are underinflated by 14 PSI, or 1 bar, exhibit increased rolling resistance, thereby surging fuel consumption by 5%.

    Therefore, it is imperative to keep the tyre pressure in check at all times, and we can help you with this task. Technicians at Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes perform tyre pressure check with perfection and utmost safety.

    Your vehicle’s recommended tyre pressure is mentioned in the owner’s manual or tyre placard, which is present either in the driver’s side door pillar or door jamb.

    We recommend you opt for a free tyre pressure check every 2 weeks.

    Our experts will first check the tyre placard to determine the ideal pressure. They will then remove the tyre’s air valve cap and insert a tyre pressure gauge safely to take the reading. The unit will then be inflated or deflated as necessary.

    Hence, head over to us for a free tyre pressure check Milton Keynes during business hours.

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