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Are you looking for Tyres Size for your vehicle?

Do you know that the size of your car tyres Milton Keynes determines a lot of crucial factors, like handling performance and driving safety?


Manufacturers invest a considerable amount of time and resources in deciding the tyre size for a particular car because it impacts overall performance. Essentially, factors like acceleration, fuel efficiency, braking performance, etc. are largely determined by tyre size. Hence, it becomes extremely crucial to stick to the tyre size which is recommended by manufacturer so as not to jeopardise the performance of your car.

However, for a non-professional, understanding complex alpha-numeric size code can prove extremely difficult. Therefore, being a responsible automobile service provider, we at Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes, will help you out.

Understanding tyre size meaning

Let’s consider a respective tyre size: 205/55 R16 91H.

This size code entails a lot of important details about the unit as explained below.

Tyre width

In the given code, the first 3 digit number “205” reflects the width of this tyre. It is measured in millimetres. Essentially, width of a tyre influences the road contact aspect of a unit and also its rolling resistance.

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio or profile height of a tyre’s sidewall is marked by the 2 digit number “55”. This height is always expressed as a percentage of tyre width, and in this case, it accounts for 55% of the section width.

Type of construction

The letter R in this above code reflects the type of construction of a particular unit. In this case, the unit features a radial construction. In several size codes, you can also find letters like B and D. In that case, it indicates that a particular model has bias-belt or diagonal-cross ply construction, respectively.

Rim diameter

The rim diameter of this particular tyre is identified by this number “16”. It reflects the size of the wheel rim and can vary according to your car segment.

Load index

The load index, as the name suggests, determines the maximum load carrying capacity of this particular tyre when fully inflated. In the given code, 91 reflect the load index.

Speed index

Speed index is symbolised by the last letter “H”. In this case, it reflects that the tyre supports a maximum speed limit of 130mph. You can also find other markings like Y, V, W, etc. which reflect speed index of 186mph, 149mph, 168mph respectively.

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