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Apollo Tyres

Are you looking for Apollo tyres Milton Keynes?

Ranger Tyres Ltd has got you covered. We stock a superb inventory of Apollo tyres of various makes and models. Therefore, be it an SUV, a standard passenger car or any premium model, we have units for all.

Apollo has a significant global presence and is one of the fastest-growing tyre manufacturers in terms of continuous technological innovations. The brand currently holds a market in 100 countries across the world and is specifically known for its innovative sidewall construction and treads designs.

What Apollo tyres can we offer?

At our garage, you can buy Apollo tyres Milton Keynes from various categories like:

  • Summer tyres

Apollo summer tyres, like ALNAC 4G, ALTRUST SUMMER, etc. are built with a unique hard rubber compound that offers an optimal grip and traction on summer tracks. These units will also enhance the aquaplaning resistance with their innovative tread pattern and tread bars.

  • Winter tyres

Winter units from Apollo, like ALNAC 4G WINTER and ALNAC WINTER, have innovative sipes and tread structure that offer an impressive grip on snow and slush. The silica-infused softer rubber compound of these units keeps them flexible even when the temperature drops below 7 degree Celsius.

Apart from these, we also stock all-season and 4X4 units from Apollo, like:

  • APTERRA HT2, etc.

Further, we retail a huge stock of run-flat and performance tyres at an affordable price.

Therefore, end your searches for Apollo “tyres near me” and reach us.

You can book your preferred units from our website or directly from our facility. You can also opt for our convenient tyre fitting services.

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