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Maxxis is the world's ninth-largest tyre manufacturing company, known to producing quality units at affordable prices. The company set out with a vision of producing units that were a combination of innovative ideas and futuristic technology. The brand manufactures tyres for motorcycles, trucks, passenger cars, etc.

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Then we suggest heading over to our garage, Ranger Tyres Ltd, as we house a collection of these units in different makes and sizes. You can make your purchase both online and offline. Also, you can opt for our convenient mobile tyre fitting services.

Maxxis tyres available at our garage

Before you purchase Maxxis tyres Milton Keynes, you must weigh in your options and driving requirements to understand which unit to buy. Take a look at our best-sellers.

  • Run-flat tyres

Victra M36+ Run-flat


The most prominent feature of these units is their reinforced sidewalls that allow you to travel for over 50 miles despite a flat. The support rings in these units can easily support your car’s weight in the case of a sudden puncture.

  • Winter tyres

Presa Snow MAPW

On snow and ice-covered roads, these units offer improved traction, ensuring a safe journey. This is because it comprises several sipes that help disperse water to the side and ensure reduced hydroplaning risks. These Maxxis tyres also have a soft rubber composition that optimises the handling capabilities of your vehicle. Also, the deeper treads and V-shaped tread pattern ensure improved cornering capabilities.

  • All-season tyres

Premitra All-season AP3

The directional tread pattern on these Maxxis car tyres Milton Keynes enhances handling in moderate weather conditions. Its wide grooves protect against aquaplaning by dispersing water to the sides. Its intermediate tread depth improves traction on wet and dry roads. Also, these units come with longer tread life due to less rolling resistance. When purchasing these tyres, you will notice an M+S symbol on the units’ sidewall, certifying performance on muddy terrains and snow-covered roads.

Apart from these, we also sell summer, performance and 4x4 tyres at our facility.

Looking for a recognised garage to purchase these Maxxis tyres Milton Keynes? Head over to our facility.

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