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Nexen Tyres

Acknowledge as Korea’s first tyre manufacturing company, Nexen is dedicated to producing quality tyres that guarantee exceptional value-for-money and superior driving performance.

If you are planning to buy Nexen car tyres Milton Keynes, Ranger Tyres Ltd. is the place to go.

We stock a vast collection of car tyres Milton Keynes suitable for every vehicle and road condition.

Feel free to book a set of Nexen car tyres Milton Keynes online or offline from us, as per your convenience. Also, schedule a fitting appointment with us.

Top Nexen tyres Milton Keynes

Summer tyres

Nexen summer units are made with a hard rubber compound that guarantees superior traction, grip and handling on wet and dry tarmacs. The tread pattern of these variants maximises contact patch, ensuring excellent braking during summer months.

Some of the best-selling summer variants include,

  • Nexen N3000
  • Nexen N Fera SU1

Winter tyres

Manufactured to beat the roughest winter weather conditions, Nexen winter variants deliver optimal traction and manoeuvrability on snowy paths. The numerous sipes present on the tyres’ exterior ensure maximum safety on icy roads.

Some of the best-selling winter variants include,


All-season tyres

Combined with all-adaptive rubber compound and moderate tread depth, Nexen all-season units offer year-round reliable performance.

N Blue 4 Season is one of our top-sellers.

4x4 tyres

The aggressive tread pattern and silica-infused rubber compound of Nexen SUV/4X4 units ensure excellent traction on rough terrains as well as in on-road conditions.

Some of the best-selling 4x4 variants include,

  • N Fera RU1

Performance tyres

Nexen performances units are optimised to deliver quick response, increased grip and cornering ability at high speeds.

Some of the best-selling performance variants are:

  • Nexen N8000
  • Nexen N Blue HD Plus

So, end your search for Nexen “tyres near me” with us at Ranger Tyres Ltd.

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