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If the weight distribution across the entire wheel and tyre assembly is inaccurate, it will affect your car handling efficiency. In fact, records state that unbalanced wheels immensely reduce driving comfort and tyre durability, thus increasing the need for more frequent tyre replacements. Hence, manufacturers recommend opting for a wheel balancing check approximately after every 6000 miles to ensure your vehicle performs optimally in any road condition.

Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes is a trusted and affordable garage for wheel balancing Milton Keynes. Using advanced equipment, we efficiently check if the weight distribution across the wheel assembly is proportionate or not and effectively balance it by adding counterweights wherever required.

We also conduct wheel balancing as standard practice after tyre fitment at our garage or with mobile tyre fitting.

What can lead to wheel imbalance?

There are several factors that can cause unbalanced wheels, like:

  • Manufacturing defects in tyres and wheels
  • Driving over potholes and rough terrains
  • Worn-out shock absorbers, etc.

Apart from these, the stem hole of the wheels also deducts a certain amount of weight from one side, leading to a disparity in weight across the entire circumference. Further, new tyres often have some areas of heavy spots that need to be balanced to ensure a safe car handling experience.

What are the consequences of unbalanced wheels?

  • Damage to the shock absorbers, bearings, and steering rods
  • Increased tyre wear
  • Reduced grip and handling
  • Inefficient steering response
  • Poor fuel economy, etc.

To avoid these issues, it becomes extremely crucial to avail of routine car wheel balancing Milton Keynes from us at Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes

What are the symptoms of wheel imbalance?

If the wheels of your car are not adequately balanced, it will come up with the following warning signs:

  • Unusual vibrations in the floorboards and steering wheel
  • Increased braking distance
  • Odd tread wear patterns, often leading to tread spot flattening, etc.
  • The vehicle is pulling to one side

You should be extremely cautious of these warning signs and opt for a wheel balancing check at the earliest.

Often, car owners may find it confusing to differentiate between the symptoms of wheel balancing and alignment. Hence, we recommend you avail of expert assistance from a reliable car service garage like Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes

How do we carry out car wheel balancing Milton Keynes?

Our experts follow the basic steps mentioned below to identify and rectify disparate weight distribution across your car’s wheel assembly, if found any.

  • The wheel is mounted on our advanced wheel balancing machine.
  • The wheel is then rotated at a high speed.
  • Our experts take due note of all the necessary measurements.
  • This data is further analysed to find areas of weight imbalance in the wheel.
  • Counterweights are then attached to the internal or external surface of the wheel for balancing.

We specialise in both static and dynamic wheel balancing.

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