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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes offers affordable car winter check Milton Keynes. Our trained professionals conduct a thorough inspection of some key vehicle components to ensure maximum driving comfort and safety during UK winters.

What does our winter check include?

Car battery check

We run efficient checks to ensure the battery fluid is in proper condition. We also make sure the battery case is in ideal shape, and all charging connections are secure.


In winter, vehicles often have to encounter snowy and slippery roads. Our winter car service Milton Keynes is focused on checking whether your vehicle’s tyres are safe to endure such harsh conditions. We start with checking your vehicle’s tyres for adequate tread depth, recommended level of air pressure and optimum grooves, among other features.

In case the existing set of tyres fails to meet the guidelines, we recommend you get them replaced with a new set of winter tyres from our extensive collection.

Checking engine oil level

The amount and grade of engine oil play a significant role in the uninterrupted performance of your four-wheeler. During the colder months, oil tends to thicken, which restricts its circulation necessary for adequate lubrication. In such conditions, we perform engine oil refill.

Anti-freezing and coolant check

Your vehicle’s cooling system must be in top-notch condition for a smooth and safe drive. Our technicians check for the level of coolant in the car radiator and refill it if necessary. This prevents corrosion of engine pipes by maintaining the vehicle’s temperature.

Inspection of windscreen and wipers

We perform wiper fluid checks and thorough inspection of front and rear wipers and windscreens. In case any significant issue is detected, we perform prompt refill and replacement as a part of our car winter check Milton Keynes.

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